Deauxma plowing in the sofa with her ginormous ass in I Have a Wifey – Naughty America

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n”Deauxma just bought a new building and can't get the TV to work that came with it. She calls for some assistance and Pete demonstrates her how it works. Since the fix took less than five minutes, he was just going to give her a service charge and be on his way. Deauxma lets him know that it isn't the only thing that needs to be motionless, she has a muff that is just waiting to be romped because her spouse doesn't want to give her a fix. Pete doesn't know if his wifey will be alright with him boinking another damsel but, Deauxma is a married girl, so they're even. In this case two wrongs will make it right!”

Download The Full Set Here !

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